10 Pillars of Joint Health

10 Pillars of Joint Health

The 10 Pillars of Joint Health principles were designed by Lucas J. Bader MD to promote joint health and to prevent, mitigate, and potentially reverse joint disease.

Pillar 1: Attack the Risk Factors 

Pillar 2: Must Have Vitamins 

Pillar 3: Must-Have Minerals 

Pillar 4: Must Have Plant Nutrients 

Pillar 5: Optimal Protein, Fat, & Carbohydrates

Pillar 6: Achieve a Healthy Weight

Pillar 7: Train for Success

Pillar 8: Self Healing

Pillar 9: The Daily Dose

Pillar 10: Nutraceuticals & Supplements to Consider

 Lucas J. Bader MD

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