The True Benefits of Meditation

Despite its popularity, not many of us really know what meditation is all about! There is a difference in the expert’s opinion on what is ‘true meditation’. Some of the literature refers to meditation as (1):

  • Be able to mentally focus and empty the mind.
  • Be able to concentrate on something that offers inner peace.
  • Be able to use meditation for self-healing.

All forms of meditation share some common factors; they slow down and stop the incessant activity of the mind and this boosts your overall health and well-being. Some of the exercises that we perform when attempting to enter into a meditative state are not really meditation but merely a substitute. This is because it is normally very difficult to halt all activities and processes within our minds. Therefore we enter into a thoughtless awareness where we are not in an act of ‘doing’ but in act of ‘awareness!’

Basically, we either enter into this state or not and this is regardless of what we are doing day to day. Look at this scenario- a man on a building site can be in full meditation whilst building a wall. Or on the other the hand, a man on the top of a mountain in the lotus position may not be in a meditative state (1).

When we observe the various explanations of meditation, another element that is quite evident is that it is defined around ‘taking a quiet moment for yourself to ponder your thoughts’. However ‘true meditation’ is far more than just this concept and it’s ‘a state of inner peace that occurs when the mind is calm but alert’.

This is just the initial stage of how to get to this ‘state’ and this personal transformation can elevate you to higher levels of awareness. Then we can redirect the energy in the body to where there is illness or injury. When we enter in this mental state it can be used as an excellent self-healing tool. Let’s discuss this further…

What is Self- Healing?

Self-healing is a mechanism in which you guide your mind and body to speed up the healing process. The proper use of meditation can slow down negative emotions and this is linked to a reduction in mental disorders such as depression and anxiety (1). Reducing stress levels does have a positive impact on the reversal of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancers and kidney disease. Self-healing refers to tapping into your internal systems and redirecting the flow of energy to where it is required.

This helps can you heal and recover quicker from disease and injuries. The mind is a very powerful tool and by tuning into your redirecting the flow of energy, it can produce some amazing physical and mental benefits. Medication and surgery are sometimes essential, but let’s not underestimate meditation and gaining inner peace to help with the healing process.

Techniques for Self-Healing

Self-healing is not difficult to perform, try tuning into your flow of energy, and utilise these positive thoughts to redirect this energy, to where it is needed. Follow these 4 simple techniques:

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair and become aware of your breathing patterns.
  2. Rub your hands together for 1 minute and zone out.
  3. Hold your hands parallel to each other and 6 inches apart. Feel the energy flowing through them.
  4. Close your eyes and feel the energy flowing through your arms. Redirect this energy to the part of the