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Overall Strategy:

The training principles advocated by The 10 Pillars system are designed to boost musculoskeletal health, prevent injury, relieve symptoms, induce fat loss, and to help trigger healing.

  1. Injury Prevention: Joint instability, muscle asymmetry, neuromuscular disconnect, tendon dysfunction, insufficient bone denisty, muscle deconditioning and weakness can all lead to joint injury and a dramatic increase for unhealthy bone, muscle, joint, and tendon aging. Training for symmetry, pattern correction, balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance can mitigate the risk of injury and thwart the onset and progression of chronic disease.

  2. Symptom Relief: Pain, stiffness, weakness, decreased muscle mass, decreased function, fracture, and negative emotional states are many of the debilitating and life compromising symptoms provoked by unhealthy musculoskeeltal aging. A smart, well planned fitness strategy can reduce pain, improve range of motion, increase strength and endurance, optimize function, and precipitate positive emotion.

  3. Fat Loss & Blood Sugar Normilization:  Excess fat and unhealthy blood sugar overloads joints, muscle, and tendons and induces chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Both mechanisms initiate and accelerate musculoskeletal disease. Consistent training increases calorie expenditure, builds muscle mass, and raises your base metabolic rate, key requirements for precision fat loss and blood sugar control.

  4. Rejuvenation: A striking hallmark of chronic muscle, tendon, bone, and joint disease is the imbalance between tissue breakdown and tissue build up. Very few interventions have been shown to induce growth. Fortunately, sound science has demonstrated the ability of exercise to promote synthesis of certain essential components. Additionally, exercise reduces the generation of many pro-inflammatory agents that help fuel the tissue breakdown.

Training Excercise: 

 Resistance training

 Aerobic exercise

  Balance therapy


 Mind body exercise

 Aquatic training

The 10 Pillars of Joint Health training regimen offers a flexible, comprehensive, and science based approach to boost joint well being and prevent, abate, and potentially reverse certain aspects of joint disease.

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